Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple little things?

- Little things I should have said and done, I just never took the time*

Willie Nelson - Always on my mind

Did you ever want to say something to someone, but you didn't?
How many times do we have whispered those specific words?
We have these little moments but, after all, we say nothing and we regret it.
What are you looking for?
Do you know what are you looking for?
Will you go for whatever you're looking for?
Do you know who makes you really happy? Have you ever told him/her that?
Somehow these steps seem to be a way to move on.
Yeah... Don't let anyone or anything to stop you. Don't let luck or chances to blow away. Don't let time to be your excuse. Don't let shame, doubt or fear to block you.
It sounds general. It sounds natural. It sounds simple. Is it?
I don't know... I know that it's getting often complicated, difficult, painful, lonely, angry or hard. But somehow simplicity makes them look easier, as love makes all look prettier.
Simple words. Simple lyrics. Simple but meaningful feelings. Do it! It may worths trying.

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